The camera doesn't hesitate to use shutter speeds as low as 1/10 of a second, which may seem fast if you aren't privy to how cameras work but when compared to the usual 1/2000 or so of a daylight shot that's a very long time to keep the shutter open. Even with OIS (optical image stabilization), shutter speeds that slow can sometimes result in blurry (or at least soft-looking) photos.

I didn't experience completely blurry shots as often as I would've expected, but if you're not steady you will see soft images here. Knowing that it's all in the name of smoother low light shots I totally understand it, and if I wanted to do anything different the Pro mode won't hold me back in this regard.!1473356086!1464927915908&t=f&p=139782&d=&url=!107211135!1475710266682&t=f&p=114145&d=&url=;jsessionid=1AC47FC6969D874403C3031B77FFA03A&t=f&p=554017&d=&url=;url=[url=!&url=;$sessionid$N54OUATEBLQGPQFISY0RVQWAVCLC0IV0?mktportal=tradedoubler-PT&url=;jsessionid=A4563B2CE8F1D6C4F380B9B490A6314A-n1?siteId=42616&listingId=43259&url=;url=;url=;url=*/greybox/click.php?id=226&url=]ugg[/url][url=

Moving on to bright scenes, where the Galaxy S6 edge was a wonderful standout, things aren't quite as rosy here. Your average quick snapshot during the day is very good, as you'd expect out of any higher-end device released in the last year, particularly in situations where the subject is very close. In typical Samsung fashion the pictures are extremely pleasing to the eye and very vibrant, meaning they look great but aren't a perfect representation of the actual scene — a common thing that phones do. Edges are crisp, colors look punchy and the only real issue I can find in these situations is that the white balance tends to be a bit warm.

Where the issues start to creep in is in situations where there are bright and dark parts of a scene: for example a dark wall or shadow cascading across the shot. These shots are a big test of a camera's dynamic range and are historically tough for small sensors like those in smartphone cameras to handle. The Galaxy S7 edge takes in these scenes focusing strongly on the bright and vibrant parts of the photo, as you'd expect, and really leaves something to be desired in terms of quality in the dark portions. Dark areas get very blotchy and are noticeable immediately compared to the crisp bright parts of the photo. This is the case even with HDR turned on, which is designed to fix just these sorts of issues.

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