The camera doesn't hesitate to use shutter speeds as low as 1/10 of a second, which may seem fast if you aren't privy to how cameras work but when compared to the usual 1/2000 or so of a daylight shot that's a very long time to keep the shutter open. Even with OIS (optical image stabilization), shutter speeds that slow can sometimes result in blurry (or at least soft-looking) photos.

I didn't experience completely blurry shots as often as I would've expected, but if you're not steady you will see soft images here. Knowing that it's all in the name of smoother low light shots I totally understand it, and if I wanted to do anything different the Pro mode won't hold me back in this regard.;url=;url='re+here+and+would+love+your+participation!&url=;url=;url=]pain%20pills[/url],%20%208((,%20[url=]buy%20drugs%20online[/url],%20%20awbaz,%20[url=;url=;url=;url=,,SSL+redir.aspx?C=IXVZQiuA9kyoDkJYX95plk_HMQPBlNEIuyBzkc6ufs4gqeAYX3Yz1D7DICKsXo6TYML159BKYGA.&URL=;jsessionid=FF4759FBFEFD3EDC44008C19704F9512.node3_1_OTEGR?p_p_id=WebProxyPortlet_WAR_oteWebProxyPortlet116&p_p_lifecycle=1&p_p_state=normal&p_p_mode=view&p_p_col_id=column-1&p_p_col_count=3&_WebProxyPortlet_WAR_oteWebProxyPortlet116_owp.URL=[email][url=;url=;url=

Samsung has focused its marketing on low light photos, so I'm going to start here with my analysis. When it comes to nighttime shots, the Galaxy S7 edge predictably excels. The bright lens and sensor bring in plenty of light, and the software does a good job of processing things. Resulting shots are smooth and stay true to the scene in terms of brightness — the camera doesn't attempt to over-brighten the scene to make everything visible, which is a good thing.

Low light is a point of emphasis, and it delivers.
Leaving the camera in Auto HDR mode actually surprisingly keeps HDR turned off most of the time in low light, and when you examine the EXIF data you can see why: the camera is for the most part using very slow shutter speeds to take in more light, keeping the ISO down to reduce grain.

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