At this point I'm starting to understand the edge screen a tad more. It's a really good way to quickly switch between apps without heading back to the home screen, as well as contact people you get in touch with most — unfortunately it's still not a great experience when it comes to much more than that. Panels that show the weather and give you quick music controls are useful, but seeing small snippets of headlines or the latest sports scores just isn't well suited to what still amounts to about one third the width of the phone's display. The fact that tapping anything in these third-party Yahoo or CNN panels just opens up the browser to a webpage with more information isn't helping things, either.

I'm all for the innovation on neat software like this, and it helps justify the extra purchase price of the "edge" variant of the phone, but there needs to be a lot more improvement here if I'm to completely integrate these edge screen experiences into my daily life.;!/badge?url=*login&FMT=p&URL=;jsessionid=19BFDCD789B664918A7F7EC38032AA60?siteId=32851&listingId=41322&url=!&Url=;MYSITEJSESSIONID=A945CD921DFF5DAD2D059EB6CC83730B-n1?siteId=1077692&listingId=1397590&url=*data=url=[url=

It's undeniable that the Galaxy S and Note phones of 2015 offered some of the best (if not the best) camera experiences of any phone. The 16MP sensor behind a super-bright f/1.9 lens, supported by great processing software, was a revelation. And after just four phones released with that sensor and lens combination, Samsung scrapped it entirely to move onto what we find in the Galaxy S7 edge.

In terms of numbers, it's pretty easy to wrap your head around. The camera sensor is now a lower 12MP resolution, which has the upside of making each individual pixel larger — now 1.4-microns instead of 1.12. It's also paired up with a new lens with a wider aperture of f/1.7. That sensor change also enabled a new "Dual Pixel" feature, as Samsung calls it, which means every single pixel on the sensor is being used for phase-detection autofocus (PDAF). That enables incredibly fast focusing times, whether you're picking up the camera to take a fast shot or moving between focal points on the fly.

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