Fingerprint sensor, now with more possibilities Plenty of focus is being put on fingerprint sensors in 2016 phones, but we should remember that Samsung was right there at the early stages of this game (at least amongst Android manufacturers) in launching the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge with excellent one-touch fingerprint sensors. These were a night-and-day improvement over the capable, but finicky swipe-style scanner in the Galaxy S5, and Samsung has carried over the same top-notch experience to the Galaxy S7 edge.

The biggest improvement this time around doesn't come from any change in the hardware, actually, but rather the access to Android 6.0 Marshmallow's new fingerprint authentication APIs.;/!!!&url=;url=;url=[url=,%20http-/?client=ca-pub-9456994019046247&output=html&h=600&slotname=5761657395&w=160&lmt=1296216160&ea=0&flash=10.1.102&url=;jsessionid=2956D7C1305E02A4A23B09C80ED3652A.w12?source=2&email=p&p=11047&agentId=11047&feed=4&listingId=533480&type=COMPANY_WEBSITE&brandId=jump&url=,%20electoral%20bosses%20strike%20deal%20on%20exit%20package&url=,%20stand%20firm%20and%20grow&url=;url=;url=[url=;$curuser$&url=;url=

With this new support, any app that targets Android's standard fingerprint authentication system will work perfectly on the Galaxy S7 edge — and that's extremely important as the number of Marshmallow-focused apps grows this year. Apps that only target Samsung's own proprietary fingerprint APIs from pre-Marshmallow releases will still work, too, which boosts the install base of capable apps until the new Marshmallow-enabled one start to fill up the Play Store.
Galaxy S7 edge micro SD card slot

Return of the microSD card slot
The SIM card slot on the Galaxy S7 edge is in the same place as prior models — on the top edge of the phone — but this year it harbors a little something extra: room for a microSD card. Samsung heard a considerable amount of angst regarding its decision to remove the microSD card slot from its flagship Galaxy phones in 2015 after having it every previous iteration. And no matter how many people actually miss the feature compared to how many it seems like, the slot is back on the Galaxy S7 edge.

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